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Our Greatest Challenge - The Secular Versus Judeo-Christian Perspective New Article
What is the greatest source of challenges in our lives? Is it us? Or, is it someone or something else?
Scientific Challenges to Genesis 1 - The Fourth Creation Day New Article
On the Fourth Day, God created the sun, moon, and stars. Or so it seems.
Is Planet Earth Actually Hell? - from The Soup of Life New Article
Heard the phrase "hell on Earth"? Well, what if it's true?
What The Bible Says About the Environment - from The Soup of Life New Article
God gave us dominion over the entire world. How are we doing in our responsibility?
Fundamentalist Christians and the 'Anti-Science' Label - from The Soup of Life New Article
Fundamentalist Christians are increasingly labeled anti-science because they believe in a young Earth, deny evolution, or are Creationists. But aren't all faiths also anti-science?
Scientific Challenges to Genesis 1 - A Creation Day - from The Soup of Life New Article
The Hebrew word for day in Genesis 1 can represent time periods longer than twenty-four hours.
Created in God's Image and Likeness - from The Soup of Life New Article
What it means to be created in the image and likeness of God.
Where Is God? - from The Soup of Life New Article
After every catastrophe, tremendous loss of human life, or national crisis, someone asks the inevitable question: "Where was God?"
Darkness Was Upon the Face of the Deep New Article
An explanation for the darkness that covered the young Earth as written in Genesis 1:2.
Let Dry Ground Appear New Article
In Genesis 1, God calls forth the dry land to appear from beneath the waters. Is this Biblical claim compatible with current scientific beliefs?
A Watery World - Let The Dry Land Appear New Article
The Biblical Creation Story describes a very young Earth that was completely inundated by water. Can science corroborate this claim?
The Bible and the Environment New Article
God gives mankind the responsibility to subdue the Earth. Have we acted wisely in our environmental responsiblity?
Without Form And Void New Article
4.5 billion years ago, the young Earth was a turbulent, desolate world - formless and empty of life. Only God could bring order to the chaos.
The Spirit of God Hovered Over the Water New Article
In the beginning of the Biblical Creation story (Genesis 1:2), the Spirit of God hovered over the water of the Earth. Is God seeding the Earth with the building blocks of life?
Green Plants for Food - the Original Biblical Vegetarian Diet New Article
God gives humanity every seed-bearing plant or green plant for food. The original Biblical diet designed for us was vegetarian.
PURPOSE: Science As An Apologetic Tool
Using science to bring people to God.
A Day-Age Creation Theory - (Published by the Y Files Article #Y137)
A complete Day-Age Biblical Creation theory.
The Origin of Life on Planet Earth - (Published by Evidence for God from Science)
Because life's origin on planet Earth is part of a process that is far more complex than originally believed, God's role in our creation can not be disregarded.
Holy Scripture Supported by Modern Science - (Appears in Sword and Spirit and The Sabbath Sentinel)
Biblical verses that are supported by modern science.
The Biblical Principles of Reproduction and Speciation - (Appears in Old Earth Ministries)
Animal propogation and speciation are Biblically supported natural processes.
The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Entropy - (Appears in Old Earth Ministries)
An analysis of the Second Law of Thermodynamics and its implication for a young Earth.
A Case for Intelligent Design - (Appears in NewCreationism.Org, Sword and Spirit, Ncubator Christian Articles, and
The complex and intelligent design of our universe, our origins, and life on Earth may lead science to the existence of God.
Death Through Sin - (Appears in Old Earth Ministries and Sword and Spirit)
The Bible's Story of Original Sin and the Inception of Physical Death in Eden
The Biblical Creation Days of Genesis - (Appeared in Sword and Spirit)
Analysis of the original days of Creation. Just how long were those seven days?
The Creative Power of God
God's enormous power to create as described in the Bible may substantiate His actual existence.
Created in the Image and Likeness of God - (Appeared in
What it means to be created in the image and likeness of God.
The Conflicting Biblical Creation Accounts
The first two stories of the Holy Bible are in not in conflict.

God vs. Atheism - Which is More Rational? New Article
Does God Exist? - 4 New Arguments New Article

Young-Earth Creationism: A Literal Mistake - by Dick Fischer (PDF document)
Is the Earth 6,000 Years Old? - by Bradford Schleifer
Biblical Reasons to Doubt the Creation Days Were 24-hour Periods - Justin Taylor New Article

Gap Theory Interpretation of Genesis - by Christian Geology Ministry
Biblical Evidence for Long Creation Days - by Richard Deem
Can You Be a Christian and Believe in an Old Earth? - by Greg Neyman
Dinosaur Evidence for an Old Earth - Greg Neyman New Article
Old Earth Belief - Greg Neyman
Progressive Creationism: The Fourth Viewpoint - An Overview - by Dale Tooley

"In The Beginning..." I Think There Was A Big Bang! - by Beverly Howard Johnson
Doesn't Genesis One Contradict Genesis Two? - by Richard Deem
The Literal Interpretation of the Genesis One Creation Account - by Richard Deem
Making Sense of the Numbers of Genesis - Carol A. Hill
The Age of the Universe - by Gerald Schroeder
The First Four Days of Genesis in Concordist Theory and in Biblical Context - by Paul H. Seely
A Theory of Creation - by Timothy Wallace (The True.Origin Archive)
Making Sense of Genesis 1 - by Rikki E. Watts
Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective - by Dr. Roger C. Wiens

Was Evil and Suffering a Result of Adam's Sin? - by Richard Deem
Long Life Spans: "Adam Lived 930 Years and Then He Died" - by Fazale R. Rana, Ph.D., Hugh Ross, Ph.D., Richard Deem, M.S.
In Search of the Historical Adam: Part 1 - by Dick Fischer
In Search of the Historical Adam: Part 2 - by Dick Fischer
The Garden of Eden: A Modern Landscape - by Carol A. Hill
Animal Death Before the Fall: What Does the Bible Say? - by Lee Irons
Because It Had Not Rained - by Meredith G. Kline
Death Before the Fall of Man - by Greg Neyman
Did Animals Die Before the Fall? - by Perry G. Phillips
Early Humans, Adam, and Inspiration - by Peter Rust
Why Were Dangerous Animals Created? - by David Snoke (PDF document)
Establishing Adam: Recent Evidences for a Late-Date Adam - by David L. Wilcox

The Fountains of Noah's Flood and the Windows of Heaven (part 1) - by Christian Geology Ministry
Flood Source 2: The Windows of Heaven (part 2) - by Christian Geology Ministry
The Genesis Flood: Why the Bible Says It Must be Local - by Rich Deem
Is the Biblical Flood Account a Modified Copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh? - by Rich Deem
Quantitative Hydrology of Noah's Flood - by Alan E. Hill
Qualitative Hydrology of Noah's Flood - by Carol H. Hill
The Noachian Flood: Universal or Local? - by Carol A. Hill (PDF document)
The Mediterranean Flood - by Glenn R. Morton
Stratigraphy Blows Away Young-Earth Model - by Greg Neyman
Where Was the Flood of Noah? - by Greg Neyman New Article
Creation Science Takes Psalm 104:6-9 Out of Context - by Paul H. Seely
The GISP2 Ice Core: Ultimate Proof that Noah's Flood Was Not Global - by Paul H. Seely (PDF document)
Some Relatively Non-Technical Problems With Flood Geology - by David F. Siemens, Jr.

Evidence for Intelligent Design from Biochemistry - by Michael J. Behe
Philosophical Objections to Intelligent Design: Response to Critics - by Michael J. Behe
Bad Designs in Biology? Why the "Best" Examples Are Bad - by Richard Deem
In Defense of Intelligent Design - by William A. Dembski
Intelligent Design as a Theory of Information - by William A. Dembski
Ten Lunar Legacies: Importance of the Moon for Life on Earth - by Joseph L. Spradley

The Star of Bethlehem - by Colin Humphreys
The Star of Bethlehem: Setting the Stage #2 - The Stars and the Bible - by Rick Larson New Article
The Star of Bethlehem: Setting the Stage #3 - The Nine Points of Christs Star - by Rick Larson New Article
The Star of Bethlehem: Setting the Stage #4 - What was the Star? - by Rick Larson New Article

God, Order and Evolution - by John D. Callahan
Theistic Evolution - by Carl Drews
Transitional Fossils of Hominid Skulls - by Carl Drews
A Theological Argument For Evolution - by George L. Murphy
Some Problems for Theistic Evolution - by Robert C. Newman
Evolution: Rationality vs. Randomness - by Gerald Schroeder
Evolution - Bible Style - by Gerald Schroeder
Response to George L. Murphy. A Theological Argument For Evolution - by Fred Van Dyke
God and Evolution - by Warren Kurt VonRoeschlaub

Examples of Irreducible Complexity - The Bacterial Flagellum - Michael J. Behe New Article
Examples of Irreducible Complexity - The Cilium - Michael J. Behe New Article
Examples of Irreducible Complexity - ATP Synthase Molecule - Michael J. Behe New Article

Global Warming: Scientific Basis and Christian Responses - by Thomas Ackerman
What Will Heaven be Like? - by Rich Deem
What Will Hell be Like? - by Rich Deem
The Extradimensional Nature of God -
13 Quotes From Hugh Ross on Biblical Inerrancy, Interpretation, and Authority - by Hugh Ross New Article
Does the Bible Teach a Spherical Earth? - by Robert J. Schneider

Should Christians Celebrate Christmas? - by Richard Deem
Who Were the Nephilim and Sons of God? -
The Date of the Crucifixion - by Colin J. Humphreys and W.Graeme Waddington
Revelation Was Written Before 70 AD - by Greg Kiser
Are Chimps 98.5% Human? - by John N. Clayton
The Church of Darwin - by Phillip E. Johnson
What is Darwinism? - by Phillip E. Johnson
The Missing Link that Wasn't - by Nancy R. Pearcey
Was Darwin a Christian? - by Michael Roberts, Vicar of Chirk, Wales UK
Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher about Evolution - by Jonathan Wells
Deepening Darwin's Dilemma - by Jonathan Wells
The Creation of Man and the Evolutionary Record - by J. Raymond Zimmer

Was Hitler a Christian? - By John Baskette


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